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Mr. M Kumar is a multi-skilled professional with 24 years of experience in Corporates. He is a highly Experienced trainer, Writer, Director and a Film Maker and a former Tata Motors employee for 21 yrs.  He has pioneered  'Theatrically Animated Training’, a tool which is a big contribution in the field of Training and Development.

He has trained over 2000 students and this has allowed an invaluable insight into the Systems, Processes & People behaviors. He is a specialist in Conducting ‘SWOT’ analysis and various other tools to identify training needs and he has utilized the findings to enhance performance levels of Students and Professional.


Miss Priyanka Singh is our Relationship Manager with amiable personality. Her approach towards all queries made by our clients is highly appreciable. She is also a trainer and has a great deal of experience in the field of Journalism,