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Revival of Sanskriti

We at Godhuli are working towards bridging the gap between generations. We are striving to build a better society and lead into the future with the teachings of our past. We want to make sure that as we transform into a technologically developed country, we don’t abandon our roots and forget our origin.

  – Dr M Kumar (Founder)

Upcoming Events

Online Hindi Classes

Complete Hindi language course with easy Grammar explanations 

supported with exercises, quizzes and practice. 

Online Sanskrit Classes

All the languages spoken on Earth are a medium of communication. 

But only the language Sanskrit has lot more to offer. It has a healing power which Modern India could not recognise. It has a special binding strength which is far more ahead than other languages.

Theater & Acting Course

After a huge success of our Free Theatre webinar we at Godhuli Films are excited to announce our Theatre & Acting online course.


Program name : Theatre & Acting Course

Program Description : The course has been designed by an experienced actor and director who has taught theatre for years.

This workshop is based on Nāṭya Śāstra – a Sanskrit treatise on the performing arts. The text is attributed to sage Bharata Muni which covers all critical aspects of theatre.

Certification: You get an e-certificate after completion of the course.

Ramayana Leadership Webinar

Godhuli Academy is planning to have a Webinar for children. For all the parents who want their children to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Are leaders born or made?

A question relevant to the contemporary world and the answer lies in the age old scripture.

We all know how Lord Rama was a disciplined student, great warrior, filial son, ideal king and a loving husband.

Let’s revisit our age old scripture “Ramayana” to learn how Lord Rama was a great leader too and what are the characteristics that we must possess to be a leader.

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