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Godhuli - Course Programmes

There are various kinds of courses available: from online courses to summer courses and intensive courses. There are courses in a wide variety of subjects, from Sanskrit  to Shlokas, Ayurveda and  Medicine to Theater and Acting, Campus to Corporate. The variety of different courses can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular courses listed below.

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Leadership Lessons from Ramayana


 INDIAN THEATER &  ACTING (Navrasa – Natyasastra)

Who to Attend: Children aged 6 to 17 yrs.

Click on Register and you will be redirected to our whatsapp group where you can find more information.

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Lie Belies Me

Truthfulness is a lifetime asset. Basically people lie for two reasons. One is fear and the other is Greed. The lying habit begins from childhood and lasts lifelong. Almost all the children are prone to this habit but it is important to make them understand the importance of being truthful at least to their parents and teachers. Children are born to do mistakes but their mistakes can be checked and corrected only if they confess. Confession needs a strong determination where the mind remains without fear of punishments. Strong are those children who confess without the fear of getting punished because their mind remains filled with repentance and a zeal to improve.
Godhuli Group is committed for the revival of Indian Sanskriti where parents and teachers are regarded and respected more than the almighty God. We at Godhuli Academy have our tried and trusted training session programme which has been tried and tested over years. All you need to fill up the form and we will get back to you for your suitable time for the session.

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Online Sanskrit Classes for Kids

Sanskrit is not just a language, its a way of living. The greatness of ‘Sanskrit’ is that it is the mother of all languages of India as they are derived from Sanskrit. Learning this language lies in the fact that it trains the mind to think logically, brings clarity of expression, develops intellectual strength, and provides keen insight into the meanings of the words.
Godhuli Academy comes up with the golden opportunity for you to learn Sanskrit at the comfort of your house.

Greatness of Sanskrit has to be experienced and not explained. No amount of intellectual explanations for Sanskrit or linguistic nuances of Sanskrit can produce any meaningful effect on the listener, unless the listener learns it.
Therefore learn it yourself and experience the greatness yourself.

We promise you to make you fall in love with SANSKRIT, and we surely will do!!

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Online Sanskrit Classes

Learn Sanskrit language online at the comfort of your home in just 1 MONTH!!! 


1) Adults and working professionals who want to learn our ancient Sanskrit language.

2) Students who want to get academic help in learning Sanskrit for CBSE, ICSE or state boards in India.

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Online Hindi Classes

Complete Hindi language course with easy Grammar explanations supported with exercises, quizzes and practice material.

Godhuli Academy’s online Hindi classes provide a learning framework for all the potential little learners. This course is especially designed for kids above the age of 5 . With this course we aim to build not just reading and speaking in Hindi but also confidence while having conversations in Hindi This is a comprehensive course in Hindi language for beginners. The lessons are professionally designed to explain basics of Hindi grammar with simple examples and worksheets with solutions. Anyone with no intention to learn Hindi script can also take this course as the medium of instruction is English with on-screen notes in Romanised Hindi (Transliterations). 

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Ramayana Leadership Webinar

Godhuli Academy is planning to have a Webinar for children. For all the parents who want their children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Are leaders born or made?
A question relevant to the contemporary world and the answer lies in the age old scripture.
We all know how Lord Rama was a disciplined student, great warrior, filial son, ideal king and a loving husband.
Let’s revisit our age old scripture “Ramayana” to learn how Lord Rama was a great leader too and what are the characteristics that we must possess to be a leader.

DATE: 10th Jan’21 IST 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Workshops & Training Programs

  • Connects Sanatan Scriptures to Corporate world.
  • Leadership with Ramayana
  • Leadership and Krishna- A Catalyst Approach
  • WOMEN EMPOWERMENT TRAINING : Maa Durga and its different Roops ( राष्ट्रस्य श्व: नारी अस्ति )
  • Conflict Management- Insights from Mahabharata
  • Power of Imagination – Stories From Upanishad
  • Excellence in Execution- Teachings from Ram Charitri Manas
  • Guru Shishya Relationship- Ramayana concepts
  • The wonders of Attitude of Krishna
  • Time management for Corporate- Insights from Vedas & Puranas
  • Work Life Balance -A Spiritual Approach
  • Believe To Achieve- Inspiration from Ancient stories
  • Think Different Be Different- Krishna
  • Impact of Positive Thinking- Science behind Shlokas & Mantras
  • Maa Durga- The Epitome Of Women Empowerment
  • Women leadership: Decode the Code-Maa Shakti
  • Emotional intelligence: its role in leadership, and why many women have a natural edge here.
  • An Introduction to Sanatan Dharma
  • Science & Importance of Shlokas and Mantras
  • Be a leader like Rama
  • Krishna a Catalyst Leader
  • Learn Stories & concepts from Vedas & Puranas
  • Science behind Surya Namaskaar
  • Connection -Physical sciences and the science of Spirituality
  • Sanātana Dharma or Hinduism:: Basic concept of Sanatan Dharma.
  • Why Hinduism is a very Scientific Religion
  • Sanskrit- ICSE | CBSE- Class 4 to 9th
  • Hindi – ICSE | CBSE- Class 4 to 9th
  • Science- ICSE | CBSE-Class 4 to 9th
Our Exclusive Works


Academy Videos

Navratri 2020

Nine Forms of Durga - Hear from the little Goddess​

Aigiri Nandini 2020

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram | Little Goddess


Connecting Generations

Importance of Sanskrit (part 1)

- by Ram Naresh Singh.

Maa Durga

A mother can hold everything inside her

What Our Students Have to Say

After the course of 1st level of Sanskrit classes I am now able to understand the words, sentences, grammatical construction.I can understand conversations in Sanskrit to a large extent that though it does take practice to speak lines with ease. The teacher has immense knowledge about the subject matter. The classes are interactive and the home work provided gives a sense of interest to work on them. I feel a sense of satisfaction to have learnt the sacred language and be associated with Godhuli Academy.
From Bangalore, India
Godhuli academy conducts workshops regarding the importance of Sanskrit . The workshop "Revival of Sanskrit" provided a great insight regarding the importance of the language. The faculty is quite knowledgeable which is quite inspiring. It brought a zeal to learn about the language.

Zasha Swan
From Australia
"I wish this was the way I got to learn every day how I learnt Sanskrit with Godhuli Academy . I thank Ram sir for helping me discover my love for Sanskrit and I 100% credit my time at the Academy for that."
Frank Jones
From Japan
I never thought that Virtual classes would be so effective. I struggled to help my kid learn Hindi with 2 different tutors here in the Australia but when I connected with Kumar Sir and started Zoom lessons everything changed - Sir focuses on a more Narrative and practical approach and encourages speaking Hindi out loud in conversation . This worked immensely and within 4 months I was able to hold basic verbal conversation.
Jack Brownn
From Australia

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